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The Digital Media Advantage

More than ever, effective and lasting communication in today's marketplace is dynamic and an ever-changing landscape of the most advanced technology merged with artistic expression. No longer static and one-dimensional in any approach to effectively communicating complex ideas and processes, our clients require a fluid, constantly evolving approach to crucial business-to-business communications. All of our clients share one thing in common: they need to interactively communicate ideas while making a powerful, lasting impression to their customers or employees.

3D Design & Animation

3D design is the basis for most of our work. It allows us, and you, to think beyond the boundaries of an initial idea and look at possibilities never before conceived. It provides insight and entertaining ways to convey your message. In our years of broadcast experience we've designed many logos, show opens, bumpers and animated commercials. Our corporate and industrial clients benefit from our skills in Visualization, Simulation and Product Design.

Motion Graphics & Visual/FX

Design on the move, its everywhere we look from broadcast to the internet to digital signage. It invites us to watch, participate and even act. Producing broadcast show opens and creating VisualFX is our background. It's a knowledge and expertise we have translated into digital signage to engage your customers and sell your products.

HD Video Production

A great image starts with acquisition and HD video production is the way to achieve it. At freshpaintdigital™, making this happen is what we do best. Some say formats are irrelevant, but with so many, knowing how to work with them is crucial to a quality production. At freshpaintdigital™ we combine production experience with technical creativity in every project. And after its finished we'll help you manage those assets, keeping them organized and secure, a growing need in today's digital asset world.

DVD/Blue Ray Production

Following through with the project. Its what we do best! We offer full DVD/DVD-ROM and Blue Ray production and design. We'll provide you a master, duplicate the project in-house for you or have the project replicated. We offer package design and project management services. Whatever your needs require it's our goal to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions are provided through our subsidiary Cineviz™. As an authorized reseller for Digital Signage Solutions freshpaintdigital™ has access to wide array of technologies from interactive touch screens to digital displays. And, not only can we create the content and provide the hardware but even offer software to manage those solutions. We offer full turnkey solutions.