New Projectors Draw Crowds at Promotional Events

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Let’s talk kicking your next promotional event to another level. Let’s talk giving the folks the opportunity to walk on water or spray-paint a car — in a virtual way. Two new projection technologies, The Cube and YR Wall, make floors and walls into interactive experiences that draw crowds.

The Cube, from Toronto-based GestureTek, is a box that stands 23 inches tall and projects moving images on a 4 x 5 patch of floor. Jump, shuffle and as you move your feet around the projection it responds, giving the appearance that you’re dipping your toe in water or kicking around a puck. Take a look at these kicky installations. It works by projecting a pattern of infrared light; moving your feet breaks the pattern and signals the software to change the effects. In the U.S., you can rent one from Cineviz for $850 a day, ready to plug and play with 70 different effects. If you want people to kick your logo around (in a good way), Cineviz has a partner that develops custom effects and games, but costs could start at $6,000.

For the YR Wall, from Lumacoustics in London, the user waves a spray can that emits a tiny beam of infrared light that creates effects on a 10 x 6 screen, or in this promotional event for the Chevrolet Spark, projects the illusion of spray paint on a car. Take a look at these other YR Wall events, including the NatWest bank customers creating graffiti designs for customized credit cards. The YR Wall is a much bigger effort than The Cube: Rentals start at $3,500 a day (also from Cineviz) and require two technicians plus travel costs; all in, you might be looking at $7,500.