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We never stop learning and trying new ways to effectively communicate your vision.

We brand our clients' image into more creative, permanent, and memorable ways. Like liquid motion, our team works on each and every project with a fresh, dynamic approach.

Strategy Planning


Making sure your staff or customers are properly trained can mean the difference between down time or a lawsuit. Through video, interactive technology and proven learning techniques we create training materials that provide efficiency for your labor force and protection for your customers. Programs can be certified and utilize a range of digital media assets. They can be delivered one on one or internationally via the internet.

Marketing & Advertising

When your new product is ready to go to market the materials you use can be as important as the product itself. Getting the attention of your market can be a daunting and challenging task. And with so many ways to convey your ideas, the right choices are all the more important. That is unless you have an unlimited budget. We'll utilize our experience to get the attention of your customer and make them act.


It's all about consistency in representation. Embedding that association between the brand and the customer into an unforgettable message. At freshpaintdigital™ we'll help you develop your brand through consistent design and a clear message. We want, what you want. A brand people will remember and respect.

International Business Solutions

The demanding environment of international business continues to move at a staggering pace. This carries through in all aspects of business communication and becomes more evident and challenging everyday. At freshpaintdigital™ we specialize in providing International Business Solutions (IBS). We do this by utilizing our expertise in digital media and strategic partnerships with translators familiar in specific industry nomenclature and worldwide dialects.