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Art is the basis of all we do.

From designing a logo to a 3D illustration, strong artistic design effectively communicates your message in interesting ways that grab your customer and convey your message. We understand the constantly changing landscape of technology and art in business communications. We also recognize that each client and the needs of each project are wholly unique and its no longer an option to have one, singular approach or method to every project. At freshpaintdigital™ we constantly challenge ourselves to find unique strategies to merge art with technology, consistently pushing beyond the boundaries of this fluid landscape to produce effective communication for our clients.


Looking beyond the obvious. Its not always that easy but at freshpaintdigital™ we will help you paint the picture. We'll offer fresh ideas, emerging technologies and a plan of action to set you apart from the competition. We're committed to your goals and we'll help you get where you want to go and even places you didn't consider. Artistic expression is the foundation of our commitment to you.


Remember the symbol for CBS? Or, the logo of the first car you drove? What about that pancake syrup? Our point is that good design has an impact and is remembered. It's the foundation of a brand. It's consistent and encourages creativity. Good design speaks volumes through the simplest of curves and elegance of color. It has the power to communicate with the viewer in ways they remember whether static or in motion. Our passion for good design compels us to create.


When you work with us you get the whole package. On video shoots we supply photography services to document and create companion materials to brand your product or for use in training materials. Whether its conceptual or product photography our images will demand your customers attention.


It all comes down to someone's vision, understanding it, and translating it into an artistic representation of an idea. It may be conceptual or informational. It could be 3D, computer generated, or traditional. All mediums are game and we use them all to create your vision. Sometimes you have to squint to see clearer.

3D Animation